Secret Santa 2016 I Mean 2017- I mean, ah screw it. I'll just update this every year anyway.


Hey everyone I’m division-teeeeeh, okay, lets start this over.


There we go. I’m division-ten, cosplayer and gamer nerd. I like giving things AND getting things, so secret santas are awesome!

I am a size 2XL in fitted women’s shirts, and an L in men’s shirts. In general, unless you see a shirt that screeeeeams D-10, i would advise against since I can’t wear Ts at work

I’m a massive cosplayer, and hoarder of plushies. I’ve been looking for a Cactuar everywhere and am considering just making my own if I can’t find one. (Edit- LAST YEARS SANTA GOT ME A CACTUAR!!!! But I love and collect the Ditto As plushies, where its ditto trying and very much failing to be other pokemon.)

I’m Jewish, so I’d prefer nothing overtly “Christmassy”

Brass Tacks:

Stuff I like (in no particular order)

Ratchet and Clank (yes, really, if you couldn’t tell- I have every Ratchet and Clank plush now thanks to 2016's santa, but I don’t have any figurines)


Danganronpa (ESPECIALLY K1-b0, Fuyuhiko, and Kokichi)

Persona 4-5-3 in that order as well as SMT in general Naoto is bae.

Sam and Max

Gravity Falls (my living room is Gravity Falls themed, complete with giant map of Oregon and Bill pillows)



Lilo and Stitch

Guardians of the Galaxy (old team and movie, not the Bendis comics)

Ms. Marvel

Squirrel Girl

Studio Ghibli

Doctor Who (yassss new who!)


Professor Layton

Phoenix Wright

Spice and Wolf

Escape the Room games

Final Fantasy (IX, XII, X, Tactics are my favorites, IX is best FF) WOFF is the best thing to come out in a while


Kingdom Hearts, and Disney in general

Handmade things, or crafting supplies

The Howls Moving Castle book series or anything by Caldwell (though ebooks preferred if going this route- I’m legally blind)


Wind up metal toys/puzzle boxes/Japanese kodama toys (Those cup and ball things- I like the painted wooden ones)/wooden yo-yo’s

Japanese candy (especially Koala March and Chocorooms) and dark chocolate in general


Board games- Mysterium and Pandemic Legacy are favorites, so I’m a fan of unusual co-op board games

Being surprised

I don’t have much in the way of wall space, so not much room for posters, but I love a good action figure. (Edit- new house, and tons of blank walls!)


Systems I own:

Mac, PS3, DS/3DS, PS4/PSVR

No movies or anime please- I have crunchyroll/Hulu/Netflix and prime so I don’t tend to watch Blu rays/DVDS and don’t have a portable player when I’m on the go.


No manga or physical books (ebooks/audiobooks are great tho!) because I’m legally blind and can’t read print books. Thanks!

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